Property Sourcing

Traditional estate agents in the UK work on behalf of sellers and are only able to market properties on their own books. Prospective buyers have to therefore spend considerable time and energy making multiple enquiries to search for a property that meets their criteria. We save our clients time by identifying opportunities which suit their specific requirements in terms of location, price, size, and target yield or returns. A broad range of methods are used to source properties, including auctions, repossessions, agents, property databases, and private treaty. As we have been acquiring properties for a number of years, we also have access to opportunities that may not be available on the public market. We filter through possible opportunities and perform our own due diligence before presenting clients with options that best suit their requirements.

Our surveyors have many years experience in undertaking inspections and preparing Building Survey Reports on industrial, commercial, retail and residential premises


Acquiring a property in the UK can often be time consuming and frustrating. We can act on behalf of our clients throughout the purchase process to improve their property buying experience. This includes negotiating with agents or bidding at auction, forming an offshore company, organizing legal and tax services and handling funds for exchange of contracts. It is also possible for us to arrange financing proposals from a variety of lenders.